Saskatchewan Recognizing Contributions Of Foster Families

21-Oct-2018 - Regina SK

The Government of Saskatchewan has proclaimed October 21-27, 2018 as Foster Families Week to recognize the many contributions of foster families across the province.

“I’ve had many opportunities to meet, sit down, and talk with a number of the people and families involved in our foster parent program here in Saskatchewan,” Social Services Minister Paul Merriman said. “Each time, I’ve been left in awe of how caring, compassionate and committed they all are, and how much it means to them to have the opportunity to help other families in need.”

The Saskatchewan Foster Families Association, which is a non-profit, community-based organization that manages recruitment, training and support for foster families, works in partnership with the Government of Saskatchewan.

“Foster care in Saskatchewan is about families helping families,” Saskatchewan Foster Families Association Executive Director Deb Davies said. “There are so many families in Saskatchewan who have opened their homes and hearts to children and families in need. Thank you for all you do, not just during Foster Families Week, but every day.”

The Saskatchewan Foster Families Association is running a number of recruitment drives across the province to encourage people to learn more about becoming a foster parent.

“We want to encourage anyone interested to reach out to the association, and learn more about how they can help vulnerable children, youth and their families,” Merriman said. “It is one of the best ways people can give back to their communities, and our world-class training program is now available online, which has made it much more convenient for prospective families across the province to become a foster parent.”

For more information about foster families in Saskatchewan or what is required to become a foster parent, please call the Saskatchewan Foster Families Association at 1-800-667-7002 or visit their website at