Jennifer from Yorkton SK

Foster parent Jennifer discusses how after responding to the SFFA Foster Families New Beginnings outreach, she and her husband used the SFFA online training program to complete their foster parent training remotely, reducing time away from their young children.

How One Yorkton Family Began Their Fostering Journey with Online Training

Jim Madill and Lisa Peterson

FedEx operations manager Jim Madill and his wife Lisa give a whole new meaning to the term empty nest syndrome. After raising three children of their own, the Saskatchewan couple felt they still had more to give… a lot more. In the last 12 years, they have fostered more than 75 critical-need infants.

Newborns in Crisis: FedEx Operations Manager Fosters Critical Needs Babies

Meet the Reves Family

Justin and Megan Reves are a shining example of how a millennial family can make a meaningful difference to children in need.

Justin and Megan Share their First Hand Experience

24 Hours of Fostering in 23 Steps


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