Talking Sticks

Discover the power of Talking Sticks for active listening and cultural inclusion, fostering family attachment and trust.

Instructor Autumm Rabbitskin, Evermore Centre
Course Duration 75 Minutes
Course Delivery Instructor-Led, In Person
Course Provider Conference 2024
Course Type Instructor-Led, In Person

Talking Sticks are a powerful symbol and communication tool used to foster an atmosphere of active listening and respect. Only the person holding the Talking Stick has the right to speak, and those present must listen quietly to what is being said. The Talking Stick is then passed on to other speakers in turn.

This is a wonderful way to include culture within a family and build attachment and trust, as everyone is encouraged to speak and share. Talking Sticks can be elaborately carved, brightly painted, unpainted, adorned with symbolic items such as feathers or unadorned and simple - the wood, the figures, the colours and the adornments all carry meaning. We will talk about general protocols, discuss basic rules and help you create a talking stick for your family.

Course Details

Course Type: Instructor-Led, In Person
Duration: 75 Minutes
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Provided by: Conference 2024
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