Language, Culture, and Dance for Cultural Identity

Equips caregivers to support First Nation children’s identity and participation through cultural practices and continuous improvement.

Instructor Jeff Cappo
Course Duration 75 Minutes
Course Delivery Instructor-Led, In Person
Course Provider Conference 2024
Course Type Instructor-Led, In Person

This presentation Supports caregivers with the tools and understanding of the importance of language, culture, and identity in building relationships with their foster child by creating a culturally responsive context for learning within a cycle of continuous improvement. 

Pow-wows, round dances, and ceremonies will be the focus to effectively support caregivers in meeting the learning needs of First Nation and Metis students

Provides caregivers, with tools and strategies to improve First Nation children's participation and identity.

Course Details

Course Type: Instructor-Led, In Person
Duration: 75 Minutes
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Provided by: Conference 2024
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