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Reach our provincial office staff by calling toll free at 1-888-276-2880
or emailing sffa@sffa.sk.ca.

Our Team

Deb Davies, Executive Director   Email: deb@sffa.sk.ca

Bailey Back, Recruitment and Training Coordinator   Email: bailey@sffa.sk.ca

Barry Fraser, Damage Assessor   Email: barry@sffa.sk.ca

Cheryl Zamora, Newsletter Editor   Email: cheryl@sffa.sk.ca

Hayley Petrow, Foster Family Advocate   Email: hayley@sffa.sk.ca

Kendra Mazer, Provincial Program Manager - In Home Support   Email: kendra@sffa.sk.ca

Lisa Benallack, Program Coordinator - In Home Support   Email: lisa@sffa.sk.ca

Nicole Eiler, Program Coordinator - In Home Support   Email: nicole@sffa.sk.ca

Pam Kostyk, Office Assistant   Email: pam@sffa.sk.ca

Raj Narang, Financial Administrator   Email: raj@sffa.sk.ca