Taking Things without Permission (Advanced Parenting Workshop)

This Advanced Parenting Workshop helps parents understand: common reasons for taking things,how to teach appropriate replacement behaviors to a child who takes things,how to develop and implement an action plan

Instructors Expert – Dr. Rick Delaney, author, speaker, and practicing psychologist.
Course Duration 6 credit hours
Course Delivery Self-Directed, Online
Course Provider Foster Parent College
Course Type Self-Directed, Online

This Advanced Parenting Workshop explores the common reasons for taking things. Two case studies are presented, and participants work together to determine the reasons behind the children's taking things and how their parents can teach them more acceptable behaviors. With the help of Dr. Rick Delaney and his teaching assistant, participants then develop an action plan for one case family.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • list four common reasons for taking things
  • recognize the four defining signs of complex trauma
  • describe the seven aftereffects of complex trauma
  • list five components of nurturing parenting
  • develop and implement an action plan

Course Details

Course Type: Self-Directed, Online
Duration: 6 credit hours
Mandatory for P.R.I.D.E. Levels of Pay:
Recertification Required:
Provided by: Foster Parent College
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