Eating & Food Issues

This class explores common eating and food issues, including: hoarding food and excessive eating, eating food from unhealthy sources, overweight and obesity, picky eating

Instructors Expert – Dr. Rick Delaney, nationally known trainer of resource parents and co-author of several books on foster care and adoption.
Course Duration 2 credit hours
Course Delivery Self-Directed, Online
Course Provider Foster Parent College
Course Type Self-Directed, Online

Eating and food issues are complex, and resource parents often have concerns about their children’s food-related behaviors. This class explores common eating and food issues for children in care, the underlying causes of these behaviors, and how parents can support their child and promote healthy and balanced eating.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • identify common eating and food issues for children in care
  • understand the difference between nonpsychiatric eating and food issues and psychiatric eating disorders
  • understand how trauma can contribute to eating and food issues
  • know how to support children with eating and food issues
  • define “pica”
  • know how to encourage healthy eating

Course Details

Course Type: Self-Directed, Online
Duration: 2 credit hours
Mandatory for P.R.I.D.E. Levels of Pay:
Recertification Required:
Provided by: Foster Parent College
Training Type:

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