If you have questions regarding policies of the SFFA, or need information regarding these or other services for children, the information is likely to be found on this page.

Download the Children’s Services Manual from the Goverment of Saskatchewan Publications Centre.


The SFFA is happy to provide many of our most commonly requested forms online for ease of access.

If you are requesting reimbursement for expenses:

Use the Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services, Child and Family Services Expense Form

Other forms for current foster parents:

Consent for Foster Home Investigation

Consent for Foster Home Support

If you are a Leadership Committee wanting funding for an event you are planning:

2016 Leadership Committee Additional Funding Request

2016 Leadership Committee Attendance Log

2016 Leadership Committee FOLLOW UP Additional Funding Request

2016 Leadership Committee Year End Financial Report


Additional Information for SFFA Members

The Saskatchewan Foster Parent Handbook is a resource for new and experienced foster parents. It includes information on everyday issues as well as answers to frequently asked questions about foster care.

Foster Family Handbook

The following documents contain valuable information for foster parents:


Children Home Alone

Child Safety

Counselling for Foster Families

Don't Forget To Ask

Extension of Support for Former Wards

Foster Care Practice

Foster Home Assessment and Review

Information for Youth in Care Handbook

Legal Documents

Lice Advice

Life Book

Self Protection Strategies for Teens

Special Needs Auto Safety Seats

Teen Suicide