This two-day training session benefits various learners, from parents to educators, empowering them to provide trauma-informed care.

Starts: Thursday, September 26, 2024 - 8:30 am
Ends: Friday, September 27, 2024 - 4:00 pm

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Location: Dakota Dunes Resort, Whitecap First Nation

Seats Available: 200

This two-day training will benefit a wide variety of learners.  From foster, adoptive, and biological parents to teachers, coaches, and concerned community members, you’ll go beyond being just informed to being able to provide trauma competent care. 

The cost of the course includes daily snacks and lunch along with printed handouts.


  • The lifelong impact of trauma
  • How to maximize a child’s sense of felt safety
  • How to help build resilience
  • How to help a child reduce overwhelming emotions
  • How to help a child reduce overwhelming behaviors
  • How to support a child’s essential connections and relationships
  • How to help children develop strength-based life stories
  • The importance of personal wellness
  • Group discussions, case studies and strategies included.